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Richelle Johnson

A little girl who grew up with a desire to create! Founder/Owner/Artisan of the Queen’s Temple Handmade, a luxury body care business specializing in eco-conscious handmade bar soaps, raw shea body butters, sugar scrubs, hair growth elixir, and aromatherapy products.

The business was born out of a chance visit to Whole Foods in 2013. Thoroughly in the middle of enjoying her recent retirement from Public Service, Richelle and her daughter were out browsing the Whole Body Care section of their local Whole Foods store. The varieties of natural products, colors, designs, and scent combinations sparked an idea in Richelle’s mind: " I think I can make my own soap." Being ever-resourceful, Richelle delved deep into the research and development of her products and what started as gifts for family and friends quickly turned into a fully-fledged business.

From the get-go, Richelle wanted to build her business on quality. Too many skincare products are filled with chemicals that are harmful to the skin and inside of the body. The Queen's Temple Handmade product line has grown from one bar of soap to sugar scrubs, raw shea butters, facial cleansers, exfoliants, and in 2019, soy candles and aromatherapy.

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