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"Giving is not losing. It is keeping for tomorrow!"
-Lozi Proverb (Zambia)

Where you choose to spend and donate your money affects the future of communities.  The PEACES Collective is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to using art, creativity, and service to help build thriving communities through economics and education.  With every tax-deductible dollar, you donate to The PEACES Collective, you support dignified economic, social, and educational opportunities for communities. 
The uniqueness of The PEACES Collective is that we serve as a community common ground for three functions: supporting local economies by providing an affordable venue and cooperative environment for local artists and craftspeople to showcase their work; providing workshops and events that meet the needs of the community; and providing training and experiential learning, particularly for youth and young adults.  

When you choose to support The PEACES Collective you join in our commitment to "wholistic retail™", People over Profits!

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