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Wisdom, Wellness & Wealth Program

Wisdom, Wellness & Wealth Program provides education and cultural seminars and workshops for community members.  The program hosts speakers and experts on a variety of topics curated to meet the needs of the community.  Topics range from mindfulness to healthy eating, to money management.  These interactive sessions allow participants to engage in discussions, solutions development, and problem-solving to achieve individual and community goals.

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Sewing For The S.O.U.L.

Sewing for the S.O.U.L. is an introductory sewing program that introduces the art of sewing and partners it with invaluable life skills.  We believe that sewing is not just a craft but a transformative journey that parallels personal development and leadership.  Our program is designed to compare and align the creative processes, discipline, and patience required to complete sewing projects with the essential skills needed in various facets of life.

We are committed to fostering self-expression, opportunity, unity, and leadership (S.O.U.L.) through the tradition of sewing.  Whether you aspire to utilize these newfound skills to join the growing community of artisans sewing for income, secure employment, or simply find solace and personal fulfilment, we are dedicated to nurturing a skill that will accompany you throughout your lifetime.

Through our program, we aim to enhance creativity, cultivate discipline, foster unity, nurture leadership and promote lifelong learning.  We aspire to create a vibrant community of skilled makers who not only create beautiful items but also thrive as productive, disciplined, and compassionate leaders in their own lives and communities.

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SpREAD the Word Community Literacy Program

SpREAD the Word Community Literacy Program promotes reading, learning and positive social growth through culturally and developmentally appropriate literacy programming for children, their parents, caregivers and concerned community members.  The SpREAD the Word Community Libraries help foster reading and discussion around books and issues by providing books in our community spaces, and informal settings where we gather, such as barbershops and salons.

Colorful Threads

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
- African Proverb

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