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Artist in Workshop

Resident Makers Leadership Program

The Resident Makers Leadership Program is a cooperatively led Maker training experience. Participants work in a collective way to learn about handcrafting, business and community service and commit a portion of the proceeds from goods made to support free community workshops on topics such as entrepreneurship, financial literacy and health and wellness education.  The Resident Makers also serve as coordinators for the key committees and areas of responsibility required to operate a successful pop-up and online store.  

Flower Beauty Products

Wisdom, Wellness & Wealth Program

Wisdom, Wellness & Wealth Program provides education and cultural seminars and workshops for community members.  The program hosts speakers and experts on a variety of topics curated to meet the needs of the community.  Topics range from mindfulness to healthy eating, to money management.  These interactive sessions allow participants to engage in discussions, solutions development, and problem-solving to achieve individual and community goals.

You are welcome to join our upcoming events & Watch recordings of past events.

Teacher and Young Student

SpREAD the Word Community Literacy Program

SpREAD the Word Community Literacy Program promotes reading, learning and positive social growth through culturally and developmentally appropriate literacy programming for children, their parents, caregivers and concerned community members.  The SpREAD the Word Community Libraries help foster reading and discussion around books and issues by providing books in our community spaces, and informal settings where we gather, such as barbershops and salons.

Colorful Threads

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb

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