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The PEACES Collective’s 100% soy wax scented candles provide eco-friendly, long lasting, clean fragrance for your home or office. 12oz


Choose from the following scents:


Bayberry  - A fragrance that captures your senses with fresh and woodsy fir, delicate nutmeg and sweet berries.

Candy Cane - The stimulating fragrance of fresh peppermint leaves, vanilla and just a trace of strawberries.

Citronella -  Keep the bugs at bay with our citronella scent!

Coconut Lime Verbena - Smooth coconut infused with lime zest and soft floral undertones.

Evergreen Citrus - Freshly squeezed oranges and newly arrived christmas tree combine into a warm and enticing aroma.

Fresh Cut Flowers - Elaborate and elegant aura that blossoms of tulip, lilac, hyacinth, jasmine, rose & carnation.

Lavender - A soothing and calming medley of lavender, sage, patchouli & rosemary.

Patchouli - An exotic, earthy and sensual scent.

Pomegranate - An exotic and sweet scent that is refreshing and slightly floral.

Sage & Citrus - Fresh and zesty herbal citrus melding of lemon and lemongrass with accents of fresh sage, lavender and thyme.
White Tea & Ginger - Delicate, warm and soothing white tea mingles with just a pinch of spicy and tangy ginger.

The Peaces Collective Candle

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