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Fierce Vulnerability: A Colored Girls Truths, Trials, and Triumphs is the story of four powerful women, living the dream of Black affluence in Washington DC. Each woman, in her own time, begins a dark journey to the underbelly of their dream. Ava is a ball busting powerhouse in the political sphere . Hers is a constant battle to prove her self-worth. Vanessa does her best to keep up her perfect appearances while catering to her own demons in silence. Simone shows us the cost of being superwoman and what becomes possible when we lean on our communities and roots to lift us up. Jean-Marie struggles with vulnerability and the personal power it brings though personal losses and challenges. We come to know each of them through their own distinct voices. We have come to see them more fully through the eyes of their sisters. It is through their collective perspective, friendship, and sisterhood that we learn who they are and develop a sense of what it takes to claim freedom, power, and fierce vulnerability for ourselves.

Fierce Vulnerability: A Colored Girls Truths, Trials, and Triumphs

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